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The project “CLIMate change adaptation in small and medium sized CITIES" - CLIMCITIES - is focused on adaptation of small and medium sized Polish cities to climate change. It is financed under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the framework of the Bilateral Cooperation Fund (85%) as well as from the State budget (15%). The project has been mainly implemented in Polish cities with a population of between 50 and 99 thousand inhabitants.

CLIMCITIES is carried out by the Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Centre (IEP-NRC) in cooperation with a Norwegian Partner - Vista Analyse.

Nowadays, adaptation to changing climate conditions has become one of the most important challenges. Adverse effects of climate change are particularly acute in cities. Adaptation to climate change at a local level relies upon the effectiveness of activities undertaken by local institutions, and especially - those of the local government.



The main aim of the project CLIMCITIESis to develop adaptability of small and medium sized Polish cities to climate change by providing local actors with access to knowledge on climate change adaptation as well as achieving the adaptation goals of the EU’s and national adaptation strategies. Public administration workers have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and acquire new skills needed to take actions to adapt the city to climate change and to effectively involve local communities in this process.

Within the framework of the project, a series of trainings has been provided for both representatives of self-government administration and local leaders involved in environmental activities. Training participants have gained information on current knowledge about climate change and adaptation to its effects. They have learnt how to develop an urban adaptation plan and how to involve city residents in adaptation planning. On account of knowledge and skills acquired, the local government will be able to identify hazards and opportunities in order to efficiently implement adaptation measures in strategic and spatial planning, investment processes, management of social infrastructure, as well as to obtain sufficient financial resources for relevant activities. The training has been conducted in the form of seminars and workshops. Supplementary teaching materials are available via the Internet.

As part of the project CLIMCITIES, a group of experts from the Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Centre (IEP-NRC), Norwegian Partner Vista Analyse and other cooperating institutions, have developed urban adaptation plans for 5 cities,  selected in the project framework. The climate change adaptation strategy - a tool for undertaking adaptation measures for the benefit of the city and its residents – has been elaborated by IEP-NRC in close cooperation with the City Council and the local society. The task of the IEP-NRC team is to perform a comprehensive diagnosis of hazards, as well as to support the local authorities and society in taking aware and responsible actions as a response to predicted climate change and its unavoidable impacts.



The anticipated benefits from the project are:

  • involvement of the local authorities with proven scientific expertise on developing a climate change adaptation strategy,
  • capability of the city to solve major problems resulting from climate change,
  • capability of the city to make use of potential positive effects of climate change,
  • competence enhancement in raising funds for actions to reduce negative effects of climate change on the city,
  • improvement of communication and cooperation of the city authorities with the local society - not only in the field of climate change adaptation,
  • increased efficiency of implementing adaptation measures in strategic planning of city development,
  • raised awareness of the necessity and economic profitability of pro-adaptation investments in local industry and business,
  • substantive support for local media in the field of climate change impacts,
  • raised public awareness on detrimental and advantageous effects of climate change,
  • raised public awareness on administrative procedures needed to implement adaptation strategies,
  • competent reconciliation of conflicting interests of stakeholders toward the effective use of the city potential for climate change adaptation.



CLIMCITIES is the participatory project, addressed both to the local government and residents of small and medium sized Polish cities (with populations of between 50 and 99 thousand as well as smaller). The project implementation is based on trainings.

The first target group are the employees of the local government from the following departments:

  • environmental protection,
  • spatial planning,
  • architecture and supervision of building works,
  • real estate management,
  • urban infrastructure, including: water management, sewerage and stormwater management and transport,
  • crisis management (including emergency centers),
  • other technical and social infrastructure departments of city administration.


The second target group are local leaders:

  • activists of environmental organizations,
  • journalists from local media,
  • representatives of local communities, entrepreneurs and business,
  • city residents - local stakeholders involved in climate change adaptation activities.



Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute (IEP-NRC) is a governmental institution with the status of the National Research Institute, supervised by the Ministry of Environment. The Institute’s activities focus on the development of scientific and technical bases for environmental protection and national policy in this area. The Institute comprises several state centers, including the National Center for Emission Management (KOBIZE). IEP-NRC has many years of experience in the implementation and management of research projects carried out under national and international programs. In the years 2011-2013, a scientific basis for Poland’s Strategic Adaptation Plan SPA 2020 was developed by the IEP-NRC team, within the framework of the project KLIMADA. Studies on various aspects of climate change have been conducted by the Department of Climate Protection, and among others these concern assessments of climate change impacts, vulnerability of economic and social systems to climate change, as well as related health and environmental risks. The Department has long-standing expertise in developing climate change adaptation strategies. Furthermore, the IEP-NRC team have years of experience in the development and implementation of trainings in the field of broadly understood environmental protection.



Vista Analyse AS is a Norwegian research and consultancy firm with the main emphasis on economic research, policy analysis and advice. It focuses on climate, environment and energy, urban and rural development, international development, transport and communications, and welfare state research. Vista Analyse has wealth of international experience in the design and implementation of courses for trainers and local stakeholders (government and non-governmental organizations). The experience of Vista Analyze in the development of methodology for preparation of climate change adaptation strategies is exceptional. In this context, knowledge and expertise transfer to Poland is especially valuable.



In the framework of the  project CLIMCITIES, the Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute, has established cooperation with the following institutions:


Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Łódź



Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk



Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Olsztyn



Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice




Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poznań



City and Municipality Council Busko-Zdrój


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